Bartelby Roundbelly

A fat halfling that moves much quicker than he should be able to get around


7th level rogue
Dual wield short sword & dagger
Sling “of surprise death”
Worshiper of Shelyn
3’ tall, 35 lbs., Brown hair and dk. Brn eyes
Fleet of foot @ 30’ move
Leather armor

STR 10
DEX 21
CON 12
INT 12
WIS 12
CHA 12

9 Init
20 AC
17 touch
15 FF
5 BA

21 CMD

6 Melee (11 w/ finesse rogue)
+11 Ranged

4 Fortitude
11 Reflex
3 Will


Bartelby Roundbelly is a fun loving, optimistic Halfling that happens to have no reason to be joyful. That is exactly why he chooses to be so. The undead had a hand in Bartelby’s fate, so he tracks down the blight and takes joy in striking a blow, whether or not directly by his hand.

His curious nature sent him down the path of being good at picking locks, pockets and disabling traps. He’s not particularly fantastic at combat, but has learned how to defend himself well and make good use of his lack of size. He will find trouble and then try and find others to help him out of it.

Bartelby is not your typical rogue. He doesn’t like combat unless it is against clearly evil or undead foes. He doesn’t like to see the sight of blood, but isn’t fearful or hesitant to defend himself if attacked. Outside of combat Bartelby does not display his exceptional dexterity. He doesn’t flaunt his abilities, he is “far too modest”, AKA lazy. When his life is on the line, his driven nature reveals itself.

Bartelby will readily admit to his chosen profession. Always adding that “not all rogues are alike; the bad ones give us good ones a bad reputation.”

Bored at the campfire, after talking and being curious about others, he will stare at the fire or the stars remembering the life he no longer talks about, knowing that as long as he remembers, the ones he loves are still with him.

Bartelby Roundbelly

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