Items of Note

Brass spirit board
1/day ask yes/no/one word answer question of the spirits 60% true answer (modified as inverse of scrying save), up to 3 others may help or hinder with DC 10 Will saves (+2 save or +2% true or -2 save or -10% true), DC 11 Will save or 1 round Confusion 5 lbs., 4,000 gp
CL 9, hardness 9, hp 5, save +6
Moderate Divination

Harrowstone Warden’s Badge of Office
Lesser Ectoplasmic Metamagic “Rod”
3/day 3rd-level or lower spell, 3,000 gp
CL 6, hardness 6, hp 6, save +5
Moderate (no school)

The Elder Sign: on loan from Lepidstadt University, this unassuming stone is a protective talisman believed by Professors Crowl and Carolan to keep the servants of the Outer Gods “at bay.”
Unknown effect, 1 lb., 1,500 gp
CL 3, hardness 8, hp 15, save +3
Faint Divination

+ 1 longsword
+ 1, 1d8+1/19-20, S, 4 lbs., 2,315 gp
CL 5, save +4, hardness 12, hp 15, save +4
Faint Evocation

Moonshard (etched Varisian on blade)
+ 1 silver humanoid (shapechanger) bane dagger
+ 1, 1d4/19-20, 10 ft., P or S, 1 lb, 8,392 gp
+ 3, 1d4+2+2d6 vs humanoid (shapechangers)
CL 8, hardness 10, hp 11, save +6
Moderate Conjuration

Wild Rose Short Sword
+1 small short sword (wild rose guard)
+1, 1d4/19-20, P, 1 lb., 2,310 gp
CL 5, hardness 12, hp 11, save +4
Faint Evocation

Rose Dagger
+1 small dagger (rose design)
+1, 1d4/19-20, P or S, ½ lb., 2,302 gp
CL 5, hardness 12, hp 11, save +4
Faint Evocation

+ 1 mithral dagger
+ 1 1d4+1/19-20 10’ P or S 1/2 lb 2,502 gp
CL 5 save +4 hardness 17 hp 12
Faint Evocation

Three evil tomes
On Verified Madness: This jet-black book is a treatise on aberrations and other entities found on Golarion that possess remote ties to the Dark Tapestry, the name given to the dark places between the stars in the night sky.
Serving Your Hunger: This text is a copy of one of several unholy books sacred to the goddess Urgathoa. Lorrimor’s notations liberally sprinkle the margins.
The Umbral Leaves: This lexicon is a translation into Common of the unholy book of Zon-Kuthon.
Delivered to Dr. Crowl at Lepidstadt University

Mysterious locked volume featuring a brass scarab set with a single eye in its center. The Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye is said to contain detailed descriptions of a number of ancient ceremonies, both magical and mundane. While couched in symbolic terms using Ancient Osiriani, the contents are more concerned with purely arcane or mathematical topics and have very little sinister about them at all, or so you have been told.
Delivered to Judge Daramid in Lepidstadt

Journal of Antrellus the Mad: Filled with a semi-legible scrawl interspersed with unintelligible scribbles, this stained, dog-eared journal contains little more than paranoid rambling and obsessed perseveration about robed cultists, worms, and the “many-legged beast,”
Donated to Lepidstadt University

Thing-in-a-Jar: Extracted from Antrellus the Mad in Ravengro and subsequently identified by Dr. Carolan as an embryonic Neh-Thalggu or “Brain Collector,” an aberration originating deep within the Dark Tapestry.
Added to the Special Collection at Lepidstadt University

Items of Note

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