The Shudderwood

The Shudderwood in Ustalav is almost entirely within the county of Lozeri covering most of that county to the point that, for many, the Shudderwood and Lozeri are synonymous. There is a small part of the wood in eastern Vieland. Many rivers flow through the wood including: the Buestral River, the Calscroix River, the Mothburn, the Moutray River, and the Troll’s Tail. TheDippelmere Swamp lies in the Vieland portion of the wood.

The Devil in Grey
A huge phantasmal wolf that has been terrorizing Lozeri since 4698 AR (16 years ago). The ruling council in Courtaud categorically denies the existence of any such creature or threat.

The Green Hermit
In a cave somewhere in the deeps of the forest is rumored to live an ancient sage. Uninterested in conventional wealth, he will only barter his knowledge for the esoteric lore brought to him by infrequent visitors. It is said that those who seek him out without some token of ancient lore to trade are never seen nor heard from again.

The Lurker of the Woods
Something has risen at the southern end of the Shudderwood and it is not alone. Reports of lurking demons first came from hunters and charcoal burners, but can now be heard in the mills and yards of the rustic town of Chastel.

The Shudderwood is home to several tribes of werewolves, and any who stray from trail or track, or travel without a guide are deemed fair game. No one who lives within sight of the forest can be coerced to venture out of doors during the nights of the full moon.

The Shudderwood

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